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Justice School?

A Chinese dissident who criticized the government after a school collapsed, killing thousands of children, has been sentenced to three years in jail.

“A veteran dissident was sentenced Monday to three years in prison after casting a spotlight on poorly built schools that collapsed during China’s massive earthquake last year, killing thousands of children—an apparent government attempt to squelch such information. Huang Qi, founder of a human rights Web site, had been charged with illegally possessing state secrets, his wife Zeng Li said by telephone. His detention in June 2008 came after several posts on his blog that criticized the government’s response to the massive earthquake that struck Sichuan province a month earlier and killed about 90,000 people. Huang had alleged that state-controlled media provided skewed reports on relief efforts and accused the government of obstructing the work of non-governmental organizations responding to the disaster, according to reports at the time by Paris-based monitoring group Reporters Without Borders.”


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