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Geological Society of America Meeting 2009: Portland, Oregon

Lots of volcanological goodies coming up next week at the annual Geological Society of America meeting, this year in Portland, Oregon.

Mt. Hood seen from Portland, Oregon. Image courtesy of the USGS/CVO.

I will be returning to my old haunts in Oregon (got my Ph.D. from Oregon State University – and yes, that is me in the upper left hand corner) for the next 6 days for the the Cascades, CVO and the multitude of igneous-rock-studying folks at Oregon State, Portland State, Univ. of Oregon, Univ. of Washington and so on, there is an awful lot to see. Two sessions I’m especially excited about are on supervolcanic/ignimbrite flareups and the Cascades volcanism and tectonics. A couple of these talks/posters I had some hand in, so those are always fun to see.

If you happen to be attending the GSA meeting, you could always wander by my poster on Sunday about my research in New Zealand. I’d be more than happy to meet people at the meeting – I mean, really, isn’t that what meeting are about?

I will be trying to do a little blogging when I hear interesting volcano related items – it depends on how much my iPod likes the ScienceBlogs blogging software, but hey, if not, I will try to jot things down and blog about them later in the evening.

See you in Portland!


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