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Eruptions 2011: Offer your thoughts on the state of the blog

I had wonderful plans for a post today, but as they say “best laid plans …” The post in question will see the light of day, but it turned out to be a lot hard to write than I expected. In light of that, I thought it might be a good time to assess things here at Eruptions – while things are fairly quiet in the volcano world. I’m rapidly approaching the third anniversary for the blog (can you believe it?), so it seems like an excellent opportunity to get things in order.

So, all your great Eruptions readers, let me know what you think:

  • How is the posting frequency on the blog?
  • Do you prefer more short posts to keep up with news or more longer posts that go more in-depth (or both).
  • Is the material covered on the blog what you might expect here?
  • What improvements would you suggest – both for the context and the blog itself?
  • What improvements would you suggest for commenting?
  • Which of the following semi-regular series would you like to see more – Volcano Profile, Mystery Volcano Photo, Eruptions Word of the Day, Q&A?
  • Are there any new types of recurring posts you’d like to read?
  • In short, think of this as an opportunity comment a “state of the blog”. Many times I get into a routine with how I post, which has its plusses and minuses – and it could be time to try to get back some variety. However, with all the “free time” I have here, it is sometimes difficult. That all being said, I’m here to write about what you want read (sort of like Johnny Cash at Folsom) because you’re all the reason I write this thing in the first place! Feel free to offer whatever advice or suggestions you might have – either as a comment on this post or email me at eruptionsblog (on

    Enjoy the weekend!


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