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Dear Sam I Am

I do not want green eggs and ham, I would rather have toast

Since belief doesn’t really make any progress here on the Big Think board, I’m wishing the only people who are really active anymore a farewell.  Though you are strangers to me, you are not strange in mannerism.

You pursue a lifestyle on the verge of stagnating.  Old dogs don’t learn new tricks, the saying is true, so I’m moving on to people who are more willing to try and understand the truths about our world.  Though I don’t know where they are, nor how I shall greet them, I can at least make some headway into the future of our race in a different venue.

I leave believing that nobody here has a true answer to anything I say.  While I appreciate the truths brought out, they are blank.  There is nothing to them, they’re just so…Bland, I suppose.  I can’t see any progress being made here, and there are definitely no great minds here on Big Think. 

I came hoping to meet anyone of value to me, but I was mistaken.  Nobody would listen, as is often the case with people who are not doctors or professionals (Even though I am a professional).  Nobody is willing to just change for the sake of changing.  Nobody cared that much about what is on this website.

All you guys ever say is just re-hash.  Not a single one of you ever created something for me.  You just make like little kids and build giant ugly looking structures of truth like Lego.  I am disgusted and yet unsurprised (See above, “not listening”) at the same time. 

I hope 2012 works out for you without me.  Oh, by the way, there’s nothing scientific about 9/11 either, it’s just a fucking date with meaning.

Ignoramerouses.  All of you, sorry to say.  Though you do have some funny creative spirit in your wit, you cannot deny that you have created it for the sole purpose of death.

Assasins, too.  Consider me deceased, the way I like it.


– Matthew


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