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Currency Cleanse on 090909

Together we will shift, heal and transform the matrix of the monetary system.

Imagine having one day where enough people come together to energetically visualize a cleansing and restoration of our money, money matrix and global economic and fiscal fitness.

That day has been scheduled for 090909 or September 9, 2009.  To make it even easier, whatever time zone you are in simply if you think of it on that day, choose to participate or pick nine minutes after 9 AM or PM to make it even more symbolic.

The process is quite easy and shouldn’t take more than a minute or two.

According to Peggy Black,

“This practice is an opportunity to use your power of intention to energetically clean and clear all of the money that comes into your life with every monetary transaction.

     Go to your bank or financial institution or in the sacred space of your mind and heart with earnest intention, offer this service to the quantum field.  Envision your self connected to divine source, the money matrix and all others doing this sacred service.  Invite angels, archangels, masters and other celestial beings you feel would desire to assist with this process of clearing the currency and money of all energetic discordance.  So the currency and money now goes out blessing everyone and everything it touches.  Imagine the shift in the monetary system when you join with other conscious, enlightened beings offering this transforming service to humanity in a 24-hour period.

     This service of cleaning and clearing the currency can be done any time and any place and as often as possible.  As you hold money in your hand and envision its connection to the entire money matrix and energetic matrix, energetically clean it and bless it with gratitude.  Do this service each day.  This transforming process includes all aspects of your personal financial matrix.  The money you earn, spend, save and the money you owe.  Be creative with your magnificence and with the power as to how you cleanse the currency in your financial matrix.  Together we will create a world of shared abundance.  Thank you for this work and your participation. 


To view Peggy’s video and see more, please visit

Thank you.


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