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Astronaut Attack

Former astronaut Lisa Nowak pleaded guilty to burglary and misdemeanor battery in an attack against a love rival.

“The former astronaut arrested in an attack against her romance rival pleaded guilty Tuesday and was sentenced to a year of probation,” reports the Chicago Tribune. “Lisa Nowak, 46, pleaded guilty to third-degree burglary of a conveyance and misdemeanor battery. She originally faced more serious charges, including attempted kidnapping and burglary with assault. Judge Marc L. Lubet sentenced Nowak to two days in jail, with credit for time served, and one year of probation. She must stay away from victim Colleen Shipman and has to write a ‘sincere’ letter of apology. Nowak, a mission specialist on shuttle Discovery’s flight in July 2006, was charged in a confrontation with Shipman at Orlando International Airport on Feb. 5, 2007. Shipman was dating Bill Oefelein, an astronaut at the time and Nowak’s former lover. Orlando police say Nowak drove from Houston to Orlando and attacked Shipman in the airport parking lot. During Tuesday’s hearing, a tearful Shipman said she was certain Nowak meant to kill her.”


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