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Al-Wahayshi’s Opening

I finally found time – between various projects and other more personal concerns – to read Nasir al-Wahayshi’s opening article in Sada al-Malahim, and while I can’t give a full analysis of it here (one can’t give everything away for free), I think a few words are in order.

There was the usual pointed questions directed towards Salih about ignoring Muslim deaths around the world while partnering with those complicit in their deaths. This list of grievances is continually repeated because it works and because it strikes a chord with al-Wahayshi’s target audience.

The first full paragraph of the article talks about how the two most recent suicide bombers – who carried out attacks on the South Koreans in Hadramawt and San’a – only needed to hear a history lesson about how the Islamic community had been attacked over the past few decades before they were ready to act.

But for me, the more worrying point was towards the end of the article. It should not be surprising, but judging from what al-Wahayshi wrote, it appears as though al-Qaeda is gearing up for more attacks on tourists this summer. At least, that is what I got out of the article.


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