Introduce your child to the world of STEM with these DIY projects

These DIY learning kits focus on topics like coding, robotics, and AI, and are on sale for as low as $41.99.

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  • If you want your kids to learn and play at the same time, introduce them to the world of STEM and robotics.
  • Starting as young as age five, STEM projects can increase a child's overall knowledge and critical thinking skills.
  • These DIY learning kits for all ages focus on STEM topics like coding, robotics, and artificial intelligence, and are on sale for as low as $41.99.

Sparking your child's curiosity, especially during an ongoing pandemic, is no easy feat. Instead of putting them in front of a screen, yet again, try opening their minds to the exciting world of STEM through these DIY learning kits, which focus on coding, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

These educational kits, designed for kids as young as five years old, offer sample projects that will encourage them to develop and design. Every project is compatible with your little one's ever-growing collection of LEGOs, so the building process is just as fun as it is educational.

There's a specific DIY Coding Kit available that will help your 9- to 12-year-old develop the fundamentals of coding and programming. Following that, you can introduce your young one to robotics via this DIY Robotic Curiosity Kit (ages 7 to 10) and DIY Robotic Art Kit (ages 5 to 8) that also come with an accompanying app to guide you.

For kids with a specific interest in cars, turn to the DIY Autonomous Vehicle Kit — made for children ages 8 to 13. It explores artificial intelligence and self-driving technologies that we guarantee you, as a parent, will find just as fascinating as your kid.

The best part about it all? All these kits have been marked down up to 40%. You can get the DIY Coding Kit for only $65.99 (regularly $99) for a limited time. Meanwhile, the DIY Robotic Curiosity Kit and DIY Robotic Art Kit are selling for $70.99 (regularly $119) and $41.99 (regularly $69), respectively. Finally, the DIY Autonomous Vehicle Kit is marked down to just $224.99 (regularly $249).

Prices subject to change.

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