Learn to harness the power of big data as a project manager

Become a project management master with these 12 in-depth courses.

  • The Six Sigma method has transformed industries from finance to manufacturing.
  • The Lean Management long-term approach to organizational change is extremely efficient.
  • Good project managers implement these techniques to help foster continual progress for their companies.

Invented by Motorola engineer Bill Smith in 1986, the Six Sigma methodology defines a series of steps with specific value targets. These targets can be used, for example, to eliminate costs and process cycle time while increasing profits and customer satisfaction.

Six Sigma techniques and tools for process improvement were so successful that Jack Welch used them to redefine General Electric's business strategy in 1995. Its set of statistical methods help companies eliminate defects, cut costs, and increase profits across all sectors.

Good project managers know the power of Six Sigma, which is part of the Ultimate PMP, Six Sigma and Minitab Certification Bundle. You can learn all the ins and outs of the powerful method through the half-dozen Six Sigma certification courses. You'll also receive an education in Minitab and Lean Management.

Lean Management helps you implement incremental changes that help your company continually progress, improving on scores of both efficiency and quality. Lean principles cut across every team in an organization, resulting in the elimination of waste while fostering a creative and cooperative work environment.

Minitab is a powerful statistical analysis program often used by managers using Six Sigma and Lean Management methods. The program helps project managers understand and track the statistical tools and concepts necessary for implementing these techniques.

Every company wants to minimize errors while simultaneously cutting costs. This 12-course bundle, led by Advanced Innovation Group Pro Excellence, gives you full access to learn these world-class process improvements. AIGPE has an active student base of over 12,500 students and has lead over 200 Lean Six Sigma projects in several industries worldwide, resulting in billions of dollars being saved.

The Ultimate PMP, Six Sigma and Minitab Certification Bundle is on sale for just $49.99, a 97% savings from the list price.

Prices subject to change. Software not included.

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