How to conquer your fear of public speaking

Whether you're speaking at a wedding or your own TED Talk, here's how you can make the experience a little less harrowing.

  • Public speaking is a common fear that many people share.
  • Presenting your ideas in a public forum is one of the most powerful means for disseminating information.
  • There are common techniques that you can learn to become a memorable public speaker.

An estimated 75% of all people suffer from some degree of glossophobia, also known as speech anxiety. The idea of standing in front of a crowd of people brings up anxiety in varying degrees. For some, pre-show butterflies disappear once their mouths open. For others, the fear is so crippling that they never feel ready to step up to the microphone.

The symptoms of glossophobia include increased heart rate, uncontrollable shaking, and an uptick in sweating. While there are means for overcoming your fear, such as preparation and asking questions of the crowd to make it more of a dialogue, there are means for nailing every moment of your presentation, from inception to closing remarks.

In The Complete Presentation and Public Speaking Course 2020, business school professor Chris Haroun leads you through 16 hours of instruction on how to deliver life-changing speeches. A frequent guest lecturer at top schools and institutions, Haroun's down-to-earth guidance leads you through everything from identifying your audience to leaving lasting impressions.

The course is available at a price drop of only $12.99, down from its $200 value. That's an incredible deal on a skillset you'll have with you for the rest of your life.

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