This super-smart ball is changing how kids practice soccer and basketball

DribbleUp is the perfect solution to recess at home.

Credit: DribbleUp
  • DribbleUp's smart balls let you train alone at home.
  • You can choose between smart soccer and basketball.
  • There are live daily classes so it's easy to attend practice.

The at-home fitness market is exploding right now, and for good reason. While Peloton is experiencing rapid growth in its user base, athletic workouts that are not confined to a bicycle or treadmill are left in the dust. Some people crave group sports while sheltering at home, but their options are limited. This is especially true for kids who are missing out on practices, physical education, and recess.

Enter DribbleUp (DU), which creates top-quality Smart Soccer Balls snd Smart Basketballs that use proprietary computer vision tracking technology to help kids (or adults) learn proper form and technique while getting an incredible workout.

Credit: DribbleUp

The Smart Soccer Ball and Smart Basketball connect to your smartphone or tablet, and every Smart Ball ships with a stand for your device. The hand-stitched, professional-quality soccer ball and the official- or junior-sized basketball can be used at home or outside, requiring roughly six feet of space.

You'll also have the option of signing up for live classes taught by expert instructors, which serve as the perfect recess or P.E. activity. While DU is designed for young athletes, the training programs and Smart Balls can be used by anyone at any age or skill level. Your first month of classes is free with the purchase of any Smart Ball; after that, a subscription to DU Live Classes is an affordable $9.99/month.

Reviewers are already singing the praises of this incredibly timely product. The Guardian says about DU, “It is a neat idea: originally crowdfunded, it includes a real [soccer ball], well-built stand and a free app that communicates with the ball and features workouts and video instructions." USA Today writes that DU's Smart Basketball, “measures things like crossover speed, dribble hesitation, endurance level and more."

If you're ready to give it a try, DU offers free shipping and free returns. So with that, we say, play ball.

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