Environment: Recycling & Creative Architecture

There's an architect in Texas who is known as the Dr. Seuss of architecture. Instead of suburbs with cookie cutter houses, creative architecture offers an opportunity for individuality.

Sometimes, admit it, traveling in the United States can become boring with so many places along the Interstate, suburbs and buildings looking the same.

In Huntsville, Texas - watch out!  People with jobs that don't pay enough for housing are learning to build their own homes. This is not trickle down home ownership, this is - do-it-yourself with objects that may have otherwise been thrown into the landfill.

Lacy-designed pickle serving plates become fancy windows, excess stock corks make flooring sturdy and sample picture frames line a ceiling.  And that is just the beginning of the imaginative way building and design meet recycling.

The architect Dan Phillips is helping his neighbors learn to build their own homes.  Each house is made from at least 85% 'throw away' materials.

Al Jazeera offers an interview of Dan Phillips and a peek into his home.  Find the interview at this youtube link.

If you are interested in finding out more please check www.PhoenixCommotion.com.  Perhaps you would like to join in the building revolution.

and Building Value:http://bit.ly/UIT73

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