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Would God Create a World Full of Other Competing Gods?

The conflict between faiths is one good reason to doubt God’s existence.

What’s a seeker of Truth supposed to do with two competing facts that leave as much room for compromise, Sam Harris says, “as a coin toss?” The New Testament says Jesus is the actual, real son of God, and anyone who doesn’t believe that will spend eternity in Hell. The Koran says Jesus is not the son of God, and anyone who believes he is will spend eternity in Hell. (A Buddhist would consider the whole discussion odd.)

This, all by itself, is a good reason to wonder how plausible it is that there’s a God with a capital “G” in the first place.

Which makes more sense to you?

Option A: Different groups of people with a common need to explain life’s big questions came up with different religions in response. Simple.

Option B: One religion is perfect and right and all the others are wrong. This is what most people believe. They decide to believe one faith or another based on where they’re from, by “geographical accident.” What the? Harris notes this requires “a very sort of strange loving God who would have created this circumstance.” Why? Everyone born somewhere else is going to burn forever in Hell.


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