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This Friday, Maybe You Can Become Funny Too

Legendary cartoonist Robert Mankoff just stopped by Big Think to discuss the intricacies and origins of humor. Mankoff, who has created some of the most popular cartoons in the New Yorker’s history and currently serves as the publication’s cartoon editor, has spent years researching the psychological mechanisms underlying laughter and provided us with some fascinating insights into what makes a joke funny, and why a gulf in comedic sensibilities often separates men, women, liberals and conservatives. Mankoff’s interview will be posted on Friday and will also display several of the artist’s cartoons, including a real-time self-portrait.

In the meantime, Big Think was lucky enough to have Mankoff leave a pretty great sketch behind, and if anybody wants to preview his work, along with most any other great comic ever drawn, check out Mankoff’s Cartoon Bank.


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