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Gary Vaynerchuk Scoops the New York Times

When Gary Vaynerchuk visited Big Think to talk about wine and the new media revolution, he stressed the facts that there are many podcast niches waiting to filled by enthusiasts in fields other than viticulture.  When we asked him to get specific, he declared that the next internet star would be an expert on gourmet tea.  Sure enough, two days later, the New York Timesdeclared that “Despite Their Prices, Gourmet Teas Thrive as Global Economy Sags” and quoted luxury market researcher Milton Pedraza saying, “It will take a great deal of education to help consumers to discern differences and be willing to pay a premium.” 

Gary put this way:  “if I switch to Tea Library TV right now and ran it hard for five years straight and did everything that I think about doing, there is not an ounce in my body that doesn’t think I can make ten million dollars a year in five years.”

Are you up to it?