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The Annals of Annoying Required Reading

When Josh Lieb set out to write a book about a 12-year-old billionaire from Nebraska, the comedy writer and producer of The Daily Show, didn’t incorporate too many details from his own life. One detail, however, he couldn’t leave out was his disdain for the preposterous and bathos-laden text we all got stuck reading at some point: Fahrenheit 451.

In his new Big Think interview, the author explains why he couldn’t ever bear to re-read the classic prior to writing I am a Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I Want to Be Your Class President. Lieb also explains why he’s not all that excited about the idea of immortality, suggesting that hobbling around sober for centuries on end, without the same indulgences that, say, his grandfather enjoyed, doesn’t sound all that appealing.


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