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Suspend Your Disbelief

Innovative European theatre group Punchdrunk has brought its terrifying blend of lies, strange scents, whispers and bloody murder to Massachusetts.

“The pumpkins are out on the street in Massachusetts and the shops are full of Halloween. But if there’s one thing that’s likely to spook out Bostonians this autumn it’s the arrival of British theatre company Punchdrunk,” writes Guardian blogger Lyn Gardner. “The company is making their US debut by taking over no fewer than 44 rooms in the Old Lincoln School in Brookline village, a rambling, forbidding building just a few miles from the centre of Boston. The production, a site-specific version of a show that was tried out in London in 2003, is called Sleep No More, and it’s a spine-tingling mixture of Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Hitchcock, Dunsinane and Du Maurier’s Manderley – a blend of secrets and lies, strange scents, whispers, the terrifying caw of crows, and bloody murder.”


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