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Poet and Stickler

Grant money is sought to preserve an attendance log that Robert Frost kept while he was teaching at a grammar school in Methuen, MA.

“Fans of history and poetry are hoping the city of Methuen gets a $3,000 grant to preserve an attendance log that poet Robert Frost used when he taught grammar school more than a century ago. The bound volume is in need of the care of preservationists and the city has applied for a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services for the money. The book is currently being stored in a city hall vault. The volume was first discovered about 20 years ago by Michael Hughes, a Methuen High School history teacher, and handed over to the Methuen Historical Society where it was stored in the basement of the Masonic Lodge on Broadway. Mathew A. Kraunelis, chief of staff to Manzi and a Frost fan, rediscovered the volume earlier this year.”


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