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More Than Music

For many of the musicians that Big Think has talked to over the past year, becoming a rock star was only the first step of a much more ambitious agenda.  The same is true for stars profiled by music site  Big Think and Uncensored Interview have teamed up to bring you a collection of videos in which musical idols such as Moby, Wyclef Jean, Metric, and Ziggy Marley show how they are using their platforms to promote noble agendas: from alleviating poverty in Jamaica, to providing music therapy in the Bronx, to distributing warm clothes in Canada.

John Legend describes his philanthropic partnership with Jeff Sachs, the Show Me Poverty Action Tour – an effort to help college students fight poverty.

Wyclef Jean discusses his Yéle Foundation, a foundation committed to improving lives in the singer’s native country.

Ziggy Marley discusses how he is serving the poor of Kingston, Jamaica thorugh his charity, U.R.G.E. (Unlimited Resources Giving Enlightenment).

Margaret Cho: Free the West Memphis Three.

Margaret Cho sheds light on the West Memphis Three, a group of teenagers she thinks was unjustly imprisoned.

Metric: Real Life Warm and Fuzzies.

Metric finds tangible ways to reach the needy by donating money raised on tour.

Moby: It Don’t Mean a Thing.

Moby cites the Civil Rights Act and the Environmental Protection Agency as successful examples of working within the system for change.


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