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Workplace Bullies Thrive in Today’s Office Culture

Several recent pieces and studies on workplace dynamics have determined that office bullies are not unlike weeds -- they're hardy and dependable but often stifle the growth of other workers.

Have you ever noticed that your meanest and often most boorish co-workers tend to get rewarded by management at a disproportionate rate? It’s not just you seeing this troubling phenomena. The BBC has a piece up right now that compiles information from a couple prominent LinkedIn influencers who point to several studies that suggest office bullies have a leg up on the rest of us with regard to promotions and choice assignments. 

Vanessa Edmonds, President of RIM Solutions, compares office bullies to weeds or ivy. They’re hardy and dependable but tend to get in the way of other workers’ growth. The perceived dominance of these people necessarily leads to them getting the best assignments.

Sonia McDonald, Managing Director and Founder at LeadershipHQ, offers advice for pacifying mean co-workers who put down others in order to excel. McDonald recommends taking an introspective look into the parts of your character these bullies will try to discredit. If you double-down on your own sense of confidence, you can nullify a bully’s game.

Take a look at the piece linked below for more information about the studies and articles on office bullies. And be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section.

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