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How to Catch the Sartorialist’s Eye

Fashion world darling Scott Schuman, better known as the man behind “the Sartorialist” blog, sat down with Big Think to talk about how he built one of the best-known fashion photography blogs on the web. He also explained that he originally got into style because it was an in with women.

Schuman, who has forged a business out of photographing ordinary people on the street in moments of chicness, offered advice on how to take a great picture and explained the difference between style and fashion

The “Sartorialist” is a favorite with fashion doyens at the helm of top magazines and design houses, along with lay faithful who rely on him for captivating photos and fresh takes on old looks. His stylish following, like the blog itself, is truly international, and growing. Schuman also got personal, divulging that hubris caused him to struggle in corporate America: “That’s not a good thing to think, that you always know better than the people that are your bosses, and it always created a problem for me.”

Schuman also spoke about how the recession has helped people “find a romance in shopping in their own closet again…We’ve become such consumers, I think people kind of forget what humongous closets we have, full of more clothes than what they could ever wear, so I think it’s maybe opened people’s eyes again to really look into what they have and kind of reengineering it and reworking it, and I think that’s good.”


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