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Here’s the Design For Two World Trade Center

The final building to rise in place of the original WTC will be the work of star architect Bjark Ingels, who famously designed Google’s new headquarters in California. 

For some reason, I had been under the impression that the newly opened One World Trade Center would be the sole occupant of the space formerly filled by the original twin towers. Apparently I was out of the loop because in six years we’re going to have a bona fide Two World Trade Center, and it’s going to look something like this (via Business Insider):

The building’s architect, Bjark Ingels (who is fresh off completing Google’s new HQ in California), tells Business Insider‘s Matthew Speiser that he wants Two World Trade Center to resemble “a vertical village of city blocks stacked on top of each other.” The result is a staggered series of scenic overhangs (pictured at top), which should provide some incredible views of the surrounding region.

At 1,340 feet (408 meters), Two World Trade Center will be the third tallest building in New York when it tops out around 2021. Unless something huge pops up out of nowhere, the only taller skyscrapers will be its sister structure and432 Park Avenue, which, of course, practically popped up out of nowhere last year. 

Below is Two World Trade Center’s promo video. I personally like the design, but I also don’t pretend to know anything about what I’m talking about. Still, it should be a unique and welcome addition to America’s most notable skyline.

For more on Ingels’ vision for the building (as well as more designs), keep reading over at Business Insider.

Below, all-around cool dude Jason Silva chats about a topic that has taken over his brain… literally: Ontological design. 

Images: DBOX via Business Insider


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