This Moive Idea, which since I have no production quality equipment probably will start out as a short story

 The story starts with:

A man who has had a mess divorce, lost his job, and lost his children as a result of the divorce. It was the day that the piles of life was to much for him, it was late at night after drinking. He came to his crappy apartment, and then got ready for bed.  He is falling in a spiral of depression this night something had to happen, he would have killed himself with a razor, but came to his senses and just gave himself the same out pep talk as he always does.   Then at the start of the night he is hovering over his bed standing there with his back to the wall.  He plumets down, he thought that he was clear enough from the head board just to hit his head on the bed.  He hit the back of his head on the bed frame, he looks over at the bed frame. After rubbing his head trying to make the pain go away, he looks at the pointed ends of the bed frame.  If he would have landed a couple of inches to the left he would really have hurt himself.   He is pained for a moment and then he goes to bed.  The next day he wakes up, he finds himself living the day of his life he finds a job, women, and fulfills all of what he wants in his life.  The woman is the plot to this story she is his soul mate but something is odd with her and his life.  He feels like it is a dream the women seems to come to him when he is feel bad and when he is happy again she disappears.  He can’t find her at her home and her friends sound like they haven’t seen her for days. There is a scene at the end where he blinks and he can’t open his eyes again.  One of his friends tells him that his eyes are completely open as if the man is blind.  He tries to open his eye lids which he feels that they are closed.  He starts to pull out is eyes, his friends stops him from doing it and convinces him to go home and get some rest.  He puts the man to bed and he then goes to the door and opens it goes out and closes the door.  The door opens again like he is coming in to say good bye but the expression on his face is that of shock.  The man in the bed had hit his head on the pointed ends of the bed.  He had never changed anything in his life it was all a dream in a coma and  he had died days ago.  His last dream was his friend closing the door and seeing his friend leave and his eyes close.     

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