• In a professional environment that often fails to advocate for women, women need to learn to advocate for themselves.
  • Nowhere is this more evident than in the case of sexual harassment in the workplace, whose victims often find themselves ridiculed, brushed aside, and stigmatized rather than vindicated.
  • To insure against this unjust result, Gretchen Carlson recommends that women come prepared with a plan of action that includes documentation, legal advice, witnesses, and a knowledge of state laws on recording conversations.
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  • There are two ways to look at issues of diversity. Clearly the most important is to think about it from an institutional perspective. What can a company do to break down barriers and stereotypes?
  • But until that day comes, if you are a member of an underrepresented group, it's important to convey in a variety of ways that you have executive presence.
  • Members of underrepresented groups need to know what these signals are and then decide about whether they're going to use them, and in what capacity.
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