Harness the Power of Calm

Tap into the "Rest and Digest" System to Achieve Your Goals

  • In the fast-paced workplaces and productivity-focused societies many of us inhabit today, it is easy to burnout.
  • Emma Seppälä, a Stanford researcher on human happiness, recommends tapping into the parasympathetic nervous system instead—"rest and digest"rather than "fight or flight."
  • Aiming for energy management rather than time management will give you the resilience you need to excel at the things that really matter in your life and career, rather than living "mostly off" by attempting to seem "always on."
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Learn to design the life you love

Part 1: Deconstruction

  • Deconstruction is exactly what it sounds like—a method for breaking your life down into its simplest component parts.
  • Ayse Birsel argues that deconstruction is like taking a camera apart: you can't possibly put it back together in the same way.
  • Be sure to check out Design the Life You Love, Part 2: Reconstruction to learn how to put the pieces of your life back together in a realistic way. Sign up for Big Think Edge to see exclusive more content!
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Big Think Edge
  • Organization expert Carson Tate suggests taking a good hard look at all the things you assume you "should" do and questioning why those things are so important.
  • By seeing beyond the veneer of our "shoulds," we can better understand when it's best to say, "Yes," and when it benefits us to say, "No."
  • In this lesson, Tate explores a powerful method for evaluating every "should" that comes your way.
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  • The world is becoming more analytical. Given the deluge of data available and the rapid pace of change across all facets of our lives, good decision-making – that is, the ability to be analytical in your approach to making choices – is critical.
  • In this lesson, Economist Lawrence Summers explores why deciding wisely is essential to leading a good life.
  • By the end of it, you'll have a deeper understanding of what Summers believes to be the single greatest pitfall to analytical thinking – and its antidote.
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