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Today @ 1pm: Webinar on “Framing Climate Change: Research Trends & Communication Strategies”

My brother Erik Nisbet, a professor of communication at The Ohio State University, will be giving a free webinar today on climate change communication, sponsored by the Changing Climate project at Ohio State.  Details are below and you can sign up for the Webinar here.

Up Next: Framing Climate Change: Recent Research Trends on Communication Strategies and Public Opinion

Climate change has become a hot-button issue in mainstream American politics, and people are divided over its causes, impacts, and solutions. This webinar will offer an overview of how the public views the issue of climate change, several explanations for these differences in perception, and possible approaches for bridging the gaps through innovative communication strategies. This webinar will provide information about:

  • Public opinion trends about climate change and public policy
  • Different explanations for divisions in public opinion about climate change
  • What the latest communication research tells us about best climate change communication practices, and about developing a public consensus about this issue
  • About the Speaker(s)

    Presented by Erik C. Nisbet

    Erik C. Nisbet is an assistant professor of communication and political science at Ohio State University. His research interests center on how unconscious biases and selective media consumption can influence public opinion about science and environmental policy. Erik has published peer-reviewed articles in a number of academic journals, such as the Journal of Communication and Communication Research. He is currently one of the principal investigators on the Co-Evolution of Upstream Human Behavior and Downstream Ecosystem Services in a Changing Climate grant funded by the National Science Foundation. Erik holds a Ph.D. in communication from the School of Agricultural & Life Sciences at Cornell University.


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