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The Times They Are A-Changn’

CASTLE has been around for a few years now. In fact, it started at the University of Minnesota, moved south to Iowa State University, was shared between Iowa State University and the University of Kentucky, and now is housed only at the University of Kentucky. In short, we have been around. Justin did a great job laying out how we got here in our initial post, but lately we seem to be gaining some great momentum.

For those readers new to the field of school technology leadership, here is a brief recap of our recent journey. It started with a research study conducted by Drs. Scott McLeod and me (Jayson Richardson). In this study, we explored how school technology leadership was covered in academic journals and those professional conferences geared at university faculty who study and prepare school leaders. This morphed into a special issue (spearheaded by Dr. Sara Dexter) of the Journal of School Leadership that focused on school technology leadership.

Last spring, CASTLE was asked to participate in another special issue focused on how technology was being used in school leadership preparation programs. This time, Drs. Matt Militello and Jennifer Friend guest-edited the Journal of Research in Leadership Education. This issue will be published in early 2012.  

From October to November 2011, the CASTLE team presented a few papers and hosted a few sessions focused on school technology leadership at the University Council of Educational Administrators (UCEA) convention in Pittsburgh, PA as well as at the Innovation Summit in Lexington, KY. All four of the CASTLE directors could feel a shift was happening. Folks who at one time might have kept us on the periphery were now legitimizing the field and seeing how it ‘fit’ into the greater field of educational leadership.

This past semester, CASTLE also hosted two international faculty members at the University of Kentucky. Their expertise, interests, and presence really helped us think more about school technology leadership in international contexts. More on that as projects unfold.

We are each proud to be part of the CASTLE team. We have a shared purpose and vision. To top that off, we love working together. Dr. John Nash is developing a CASTLE Fellows Program where we will officially bring in more like-minded individuals into the CASTLE team. Stay posted for that!

In short, the times they are a changin’ and CASTLE is proud to be taking a lead in these changes. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!


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