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Jayson Richardson

Interdisciplinary Marriage

Guest post by Kevin Flora(Cross post from Think as if there isn’t a box, not just “outside the box”.  Embrace change and accept your responsibility as a professional within […]

Design Thinking in 21st Century Education

Guest post by Kevin Flora(Cross post from “Why did the chicken cross the road?”  If you say “to get to the other side,” you could use a workshop in […]

Running Toward Process… or Outcome?

Guest post by Kevin Flora(Cross post from Forrest Gump (1994) provides an interesting and unexpected viewpoint of his exercise routine.  He runs… to run.  He is not looking to […]

Refining Innovation or Opening Innovation?

Guest post by Kevin Flora In a recent podcast, the discussion was focused around inventions.  The question was asked, “have all of the good inventions already been invented?”  The answer […]

Set the Learning Free

Guest post by Jill Janes “Management…follows general rules, which are more or less stable,…and which can be learned.” ~Max Weber Management. Be it district management, classroom management, or bus-line management, […]

Practical Educational Philosophy

Guest posted by Todd Hurst. Crossposted here. Around December of last year I was approached about doing some consulting work in tech leadership with a local school district. I was […]

Find Your Identity

Guest post by Jill Janes.  I believe that searching for one’s identity is human nature.  Though many recall periods of soul searching and identity crisis in adolescence, I think that […]

The Building Tension of Education

Guest post by Todd Hurst Crossposted at: I had the opportunity to be part of a statewide STEM meeting recently in which one of the presenters discussed a school project […]

REframing Educational REcruitment

Guest post by Kevin Flora. What does it mean to “recruit” anyway?  Multiple definitions exist for the word “recruit,” but educational institutions tend to pigeon-hole themselves into a single definition […]

Great Teachers Learn With Their Students

Originally posted at Guest post by Todd Norton A small victory on the second day of school this year still has me smiling.  It was something very simple, a […]

Reflections of a Summer of Learning

Guest post by Dana Watts  For the past 7 years, I have closely protected my time with my children over the summer. Being an expat and international teacher, our school […]

Celebrate Trips to the Principal’s Office

Guest post by Jill Janes “Susie, you are to report to the principal’s office at once.” Those words strike terror directly into the heart of most elementary students. They are […]

Equality in Education

Originally posted at Guest post by Ericka Hollis Words are powerful. We can choose to speak or read words that inspire, challenge, and excite us or others; or we […]

Your Path Forward Should Include Failure

Originally posted at    Guest post by Curt Rees. It is important for school leaders to notice the shift that Collins and Halverson (2009) describe; education and learning are […]

Opinions Aren’t Free

“Strong opinion’s aren’t free. You’ll turn some people off. They’ll accuse you of being arrogant and aloof. That’s life. For everyone who loves you, there will be others who hate […]

For the Love of Technology

Let Valentine’s Day be a time to reflect on our love affair with technology. Are school leaders in this relationship because they believe in the power of technology to enhance […]

Rework School Leadership

I just finished reading Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeir Hansson. Although it has a business slant, there are many great links to school leadership. Here are but a […]

Bullying, Homophobia, Prisons, Oh My!

I was shocked to see a video where a Mesa, AZ principal forced two boys to hold hands as a punishment for fighting (Per AV’s comments below, the boys were […]

Tech leadership is GOOD leadership

We know that good school leaders: Create a shared vision Create relevant and lasting professional development opportunities for teachers Ensure the infrastructure is solid Budget to meet the changing needs […]

ISTE Leadership Forum

Here are some great resources from the 2012 ISTE Leadership Forum held in Indianapolis. The resources from the conference are hosted on the Leadership Forum Wiki – feel free to […]