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BREAKING NEWS: Syria Crisis May Be Over

An hour ago, the Associated Press is reporting, Syria agreed to dismantle its chemical weapons program to avert a U.S. strike. 

Here is the tweet:

This may solve the international crisis before Congress calls a vote on the authorization to use force sought by the White House and should, if all goes well, obviate the need for cruise missiles raining down on Damascus. 

Ezra Klein’s caveat is worth noting, though:

Now, there are obstacles between here and there. The White House wants to see this ratified in the UN Security Council and subject to tough international monitoring, and Russia says that means forswearing force against Syria. And there’s always the chance that Assad’s spokesman pops up tomorrow with a press release that says, simply, “syke!”

The White House speechwriters now have a few hours to complete draft #17 or so of the speech President Obama will deliver tonight. 

Remember to join me for a live blog of the president’s address tonight at 9:00.


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