A wake –up Europe will say NO, NO to America Europe traditionally has very thoughtful Philosophers, Georg Hegel, Bertrand Russell and the contempery Karl Popper! If they are not supplanted the US at least they are as good as any Philosophers in US. The 2008 is watershed year for Europe, the made –in- American recession arrived and the wake up call of sudo democracy made by Bush. All pressures the Europe, especially Germany and France to rethink their position. Say yes! As usual or say NO to America! You do not have taken the Philosophy 101, just review the rational of Mr. Bush and his administration, their ever-changing excuse to invade Iraq is not convincible. First WMD, after no WMD found. Then Democracy is the reason to liberate Iraq. Democracy not working well in Iraq, then, there was Al Queta exited in Iraq. Finally Right! But we pay price, we shake hand and give the money to the Tribal leaders, who were full of blood of American soldiers, to fight the evil Al Queta. That we called succeeded resurgence- A strategy probably embarrasses a lot of West Point trained Generals. The European is no fool. They can think and think deeply. The made-in-American global recession is another horrorble incident, that European hated. How come the most advanced capitalistic country, USA has this kind of wanton regulation which is the worst than any European standard? CDO, CDS…. etc. You name it, you get it, derivates! And American has the greatest no. Of Nobel Prize economists in the world, how can they feeble as if the economists of Communist country! They all cannot prevent the recession came and most of economists do not understand what is CDS or Synthetic CDO! The European is no fool. They can think and think deeply. Why Rush Limbaugh can be a Philosopher King and King of GOP in US? Why a comedian, Jon Stewart performs the job of CBS’s 60 minutes? There must be something wrong with this country. I 99.9% guarantee, one day the wake -up European will say No, No to US! I thought the coming G20 meeting in London in April, will be their warm-up say no, no –again- exercise to US.