Tuesday Papers

Al-Tagheer and other news outlets are reporting that the head of the Central Security Forces in al-Jawf, Ali Zayad survived an assassination attempt on Monday. The government is blaming the Huthis, but al-Tagheer is less certain.

Meanwhile, the Huthis have continued to up their own media campaign and have just released the first issue of the optimistically entitled Good Tidings of Victory: The Voice of the Mujahidin. The inaugural issue is available for download here. Both al-Menpar and al-Faloja are back up after some time off-line.

I also have an interview on water in Yemen over at the Natural Security blog from the Center for New American Security. My thanks to Will Rogers for turning my rambling answers into something coherent.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat is reporting on recent clashes between the Huthis and security forces in both Sa'dah and 'Amran that claimed the lives of 26. (I think this also includes some tribal forces that have been fighting, but the al-Sharq al-Awsat article is silent on that dimension.) The article does mention the death of Salih al-Malawi, whose funeral procession was attended by President Salih and many others. The al-Sharq al-Awsat piece also lists the name of 4 al-Huthi commanders that were supposedly killed.

Finally two other links - neither of which I have read yet, but both of which are in my pile for today - first is this interview with Husayn al-Ahmar and second is this piece on al-Qaeda and the attempted assassination of Muhammad bin Nayif from Abdilah al-Shay'a.

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