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Cynthia McFadden: I went to Davos and interviewed Angelina Jolie. And oh, everyone wanted to just shoot me because, oh my goodness, I was demeaning the coin. I wanted to say, “You know what? Last year on the old “Nightline”, George Stephanopoulos did Angelina Jolie for a whole half hour in Washington and no one said it was the end of western civilization.” You know it was a sort of different standard. And I think a little but of it has to do with a little bit of sexism. I mean I think sometimes . . . sometimes when I do something, you know, when the men do it, it’s very sensitive, and aren’t they . . . aren’t they in touch with some sort of _______. And when a woman does it, sometimes there’s a little bit of, “too soft”.


Recorded on: Jul 7 2007




A different standard.

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