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Matt Bai is a political reporter and staff writer for the New York Times Magazine, Bai graduated from Tufts in 1990 and received a Masters from the Columbia School of[…]

People with money.

Matt Bai: You know people with money have the power in Washington today. People, you know . . . interest groups with money; trade associations; lobbyists with money; individuals with money. I mean money has wrapped its tentacles around the political system. It’s impeding change. It’s not the only reason we’re not getting change. There’s a timidity and a natural resistance to . . . to . . . to embracing change, and a lack of leadership certainly that exists. But the money is making it awfully . . . It’s a terrible disincentive toward reform and toward sort of the evolution of government. And if, you know, you had to ask who had the most power, it would be . . . it would be anybody who could buy the time of an elected representative.

Recorded on: 12/13/07