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Peter Rojas is the cofounder and editor-in-chief of Engadget, which is a daily weblog covering gadgets, consumer electronics and personal technology. He is also the cofounder of Joystiq, a weblog[…]

Rojas talks about where we are as a people

Question: When you read the newspaper or watch the news, what issues stand out for you?

Peter Rojas:  The issue of the, you know . . . the machine versus human intelligence can be a huge issue. You know but like to step back, I mean I think that’s gonna be like a century long issue. And the interesting thing I think about that . . . The thing I think about that is in 100 years, we’re gonna have come to some sort of consensus as a society about what seems natural. And it will seem completely foreign to us, you know, living now. It will seem like incomprehensible. But it will seem totally natural to people 100 years from now. And it’s one reason why I would love to live like, you know, to see the 22nd century. Just to see like how crazy, you know, our world has become. But that’s a thing, you know . . . Like looking like, you know, day-to-day, I mean we’re kind of grasping with all these little other issues the impact of techno . . . the issue of privacy which you raised earlier about, you know, how do we negotiate our identity in this online world? And I think that’s gonna be a huge issue. I think the issues of, you know, of politics I think . . . You know obviously we have a political system which, you know is . . . is . . . is completely out of sync with, you know, this new economy we live in; the new technologies that we have available; and you know blogging and, you know, YouTube debates on CNN are really just the sort of . . . just the tip of the iceberg of where we could be going with all this stuff. And I think that’s gonna be a tremendously huge issue, you know, going forward. I mean how do we adapt? How do we . . . What do we do? How do we change the, you know, system that was designed in the . . . in the 18th century?