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Charles Best founded at Wings Academy, a public high school in the Bronx where he was a social studies teacher for five years. He thought up during a[…]

It all started in kindergarten, Best says.

Question: When did education first spark your interest?

Charles Best: I can remember first day of junior kindergarten where I got a little certificate for knowing how to tie my shoe. I was one of the few kids who could tie his own shoe, that was pretty cool, and maybe that set me off on wanting to do well, but it was really in high school, in boarding school, where my wrestling coach, was, was just an inspiration and he made me want to be a teacher one day, cause I figured if any kid ever looked up to me, the way that I looked up to my wrestling coach, I would have done my share in this life. His name was Mr. Buxton and other wrestlers and I have revered him. He was a lion of a man, he was kind guy, he did right by his wife, I think that set an example to all of us young guys, but he was kind of a quiet strength that really helped us. I was going to boarding school and so when you are away from your parents during much of the year, those role models really mean a lot.


Recorded on: 1/29/08