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Esther Dyson does business as EDventure Holdings, the reclaimed name of the company she owned for 20-odd years before selling it to CNET Networks in 2004. In the last few[…]

Dyson looking towards personalized genomics.

Question: What will be on the other side of the recession? 

Esther Dyson: Although probably be another foolish bubble but in the mean time where I am spending more my time is in health care in specifically personalized health. I was talking about this yesterday there is kind of professionally generated content then there is user generated content which was hot last year and is now maybe called but what’s really interesting is user through like user data, and because this is about specific users of course all these privacy and control issues apply that whether its your genuine or your personal buying have its or just your information, that that’s going to be really interesting I think a lot of the next generation tools many of them where going to be among where another mirrors tools that now allow people to look it information about themselves their trips, their books their collections their financial information their gene and their health information and that to me is the next exciting  area.

Question: Which company is doing this?

Esther Dyson: 23 and they which among the board of we give people information about their and entry and then they couldn’t if they like compare themselves to family members or to people they know but comparing yourself to someone who is not a relative his probably going to pretty boring because you are unlike with have much over capital you can find out information of various inherited things everything from eye color and I was  just looking at somebody’s ears the other day and ears are actually very different from person to person to or like where to get different kinds of cancer what’s sorts of rhythm that kind of stuff and you can see your answers stray which is also kind of interesting, so there if you where unkind you can say some of this appeals narcissism but yeah so it does.

Recorded on: 03/21/2008