What is your outlook?

Question: What is your outlook?

Jacques Pepin: I am usually an optimistic person. I think that the problem that we have now are solvable. I think that we can solve them. I think that we can solve anger in the world if we put our head to it. I think that if we entertain the notion that other people may be as right as we are, or may be right and we are wrong, then we can establish dialogue with other countries more than we have been doing – certainly in the last 10 or 15 years. And then we can cure a great deal of ill. You know if people . . . there is no people ________ in the world. Everyone is the same. Any country that you go, any people have the same . . . the same goal to have a good life, to have a family, to feed the family, to be together and so forth. You know people aren’t different from one country to another, so we can talk to one another if we put our mind to it.

Recorded on: 09/04/2007







The problems we face now are not unsolvable, Pepin says.

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