What is this election's most dangerous idea?

Question: What is this election's most dangerous idea?

Dennis Kucinich: That all options are on the table with respect to Iran. And that’s something Senator Clinton, Senator Edwards and Obama have all said. Now they may not be saying it now because the drumbeat of war is louder. But they said it at a time when the Bush administration was looking to see who would support their ideas about buildup towards war against Iran. So Senator Clinton, Senator Edwards, and Senator Obama have all licensed the Bush administration’s buildup to war against Iran, and it is very dangerous. The Bush administration is . . . this is . . . At this point it’s . . . it’s well known that they’re talking about retrofitting B-2 stealth bombers with 30,000 pound bombs to be dropped on nuclear research labs in Iran. It’s a dirty bomb you could call it. You could call it another Chernobyl in the making. I call it a war crime, and we have . . . we have officials in the White House who have already committed war crimes by planning an attack on a nation that did not attack us; and by planning to drop a weapon that will have a catastrophic effect that will release radiation when it’s dropped on these nuclear research labs. There will be radiation released that will go perhaps hundreds, even thousands of miles that will poison the land and poison maybe millions of people. There’s another question here. It’s not, “What’s the most dangerous idea that I’ve heard?” The question is, “Where’s our conscience?

Recorded on: 10/19/07

Dennis Kucinich wonders where is our conscience.

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