What is the legacy of the war in Iraq?

Question: : What is the legacy of the Iraq war?

Tommy Thompson: I think if we don’t do the steps that I’m asking people to do and really try and win that peace, it’s gonna be another Vietnam. America went in there, got beat, and split the American population – those that more for it and those that are against it. And we will not stabilize the Middle East. The Middle East is a tender box right now. You know, you’ve got Jordan. You’ve got Syria. You’ve got Lebanon. You’ve got Israel. You’ve got . . . You’ve got Hamaas and Hezbollah. And you’ve got Gaza on the West Bank. And then you’ve got the 800 pound gorilla. It’s Iran. What’s Iran gonna do? They’re building a nuclear power. And so you need it stabilized as much as possible. And I think the Democrats are making a big mistake by just cutting and running. You’re gonna have to have a stabilization force for a long period of time. And I don’t think they’re willing to accept that, but you’re gonna have to. And I think you’re gonna have to. . . and Republicans are gonna have to say there’s gotta be some changes, because the republic does not want continuation of the same old things and expect a different result. I think that’s the definition of insanity, is keeping doing the same thing and expect different results. And you’re not gonna have different results. And so you’ve gotta do something different. Do something like I’m advocating.

Recorded on: 7/6/07



Winning the peace to prevent another Vietnam.

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