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Sebastian Copeland is a photographer and environmental activist. Copeland grew up in France and Britain, and graduated from UCLA in 1987 with a major in film. Throughout the 1990’s, Copeland[…]

Human nature is an illusion.

Question: What is human nature?

Copeland: What is human nature? Well I think human nature, above and beyond anything else, is a perception. And that perception, to echo a little bit of what I just said, will either position itself in synergy with its surrounding, or position itself in a predatory or an antagonistic position; meaning by that that we will use other resources to our own . . . for the promotion of our own needs. And you know human nature is a philosophy ultimately – a philosophy that defines how we fit in the universe; how do we fit within the natural order, and how do we fit within the spiritual order? If the question is what is my personal philosophy on human nature, then I would have to say that . . . that human nature is a work in progress that has a tremendous potential, but also has a lot of shortcomings – the pitfalls of which have tremendous consequences on our own ability to survive in this environment. Recorded on: 12/3/07