What inspires you?

Question: What inspires you?

Antonelli: What inspires me to do this work is the work that’s happened before me.  You know it’s . . .  I’m just a little ant.  You know we’re part of this history of mankind, and sometimes it’s hard to understand what we’re doing.  And the best way to understand it is by looking at what happened before us, and what happens around us.  I am stunned by human beings.  I am stunned by what they’re able to create.  It’s amazing to me that they were able to build the Pyramids, and that now they’re able to build an iPod.  You know it’s . . .  I don’t see much difference between an iPod and the Pyramids in terms of the real conceptual step that you have to take to create something anew, and to have a strong idea and carry it through.  So truly I would not exist if it were not for the billions and trillions of people that were before me and around me.  And those are the biggest inspirations for me.

From pyramids to iPods.

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