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Lidia Bastianich has been described as the reigning queen of Italian cuisine in America. She is the host of cooking shows on PBS, including Lidia's Italy, a new 26-episode series[…]

Bastianich talks about her favorite ingredients.

Question:What ingredients do you always have on hand?

Lidia Bastianich: Again I’m talking from an Italian point of view. And an absolute is olive oil, garlic, some onions, Grana Pardano or Parmesano, cheese, pastas or some . . . Either the elements to make some fresh pasta or dry pasta, a lot of legumes, and vegetables, and of course the herbs.

Question:What is your least favorite ingredient?

Lidia Bastianch:  It’s not that something is not favorite.  I am maybe unfamiliar with them.  And I haven’t yet kind of warmed up to cilantro. 

Recorded on: 10/4/07