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Carla Katz is the former president of the Communications Workers of America (CWA) Local 1034, where she represented 16,000 public and private sector workers across New Jersey. She has also[…]

You have to articulate, inspire and act.

Question: What does it take to lead a union?

Carla Katz:    Leading a union requires that you are able to articulate the issues that your members are feeling; that you have some ability to inspire them to act when action is needed; and that you are loyal to the members; and that you truly do represent their wishes and their ideas and not some weird version of your own.  And I think that that’s what gives you sort of longevity and endurance.  I mean anybody can run for union office and become, technically, a union leader.  But to sort of have any longevity and stay you’ve got to really feel it.  You’ve got to have a passion about it, and you have to believe that your members know what’s right.

Recorded on: February 8, 2008