What do you believe?

Question: Do you have a personal philosophy?

Tommy Thompson: Sure. It is doing good, and doing as little harm as possible. But looking at the overall good and finding ways in which you can make things better. I’m driven by . . . by results. I’m driven by ideas. And you know I think that is what is failing in American politics right now. Because right now we have . . . I’m a builder, and right now we have people who want to tear down. Democrats hate Republicans; Republicans hate Democrats; everybody hates the Independents. And nobody wants to cross over and say, you know, “Who cares who gets the results? Who cares who gets the credit? Let’s get the results, and let’s change the system for the better.” And that’s what drives me. I wanna . . . I wanna make the system stronger, be more healthy, and make things better tomorrow than they are today. And that’s what I think should drive every person that puts his name or her name on the ballot. They should be smitten with the passion to make things better for the people that elect them.

Recorded on: 7/6/07

Bridging the partisan divide.

Beyond Meat announces plan to sell ‘ground beef’ in stores. Shares skyrocket.

Beyond Beef sizzles and marbleizes just like real beef, Beyond Meat says.

Culture & Religion
  • Shares of Beyond Meat opened at around $200 on Tuesday morning, falling to nearly $170 by the afternoon.
  • Wall Street analysts remain wary of the stock, which has been on a massive hot streak since its IPO in May.
  • Beyond Meat faces competition from Impossible Foods and, as of this week, Tyson.
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Thumbs up? Map shows Europe’s hitchhiking landscape

Average waiting time for hitchhikers in Ireland: Less than 30 minutes. In southern Spain: More than 90 minutes.

Image: Abel Suyok
Strange Maps
  • A popular means of transportation from the 1920s to the 1980s, hitchhiking has since fallen in disrepute.
  • However, as this map shows, thumbing a ride still occupies a thriving niche – if at great geographic variance.
  • In some countries and areas, you'll be off the street in no time. In other places, it's much harder to thumb your way from A to B.
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Can you guess which state has the most psychopaths?

A recent study used data from the Big Five personality to estimate psychopathy prevalence in the 48 contiguous states and Washington, D.C.

Surprising Science
  • The study estimated psychopathy prevalence by looking at the prevalence of certain traits in the Big Five model of personality.
  • The District of Columbia had the highest prevalence of psychopathy, compared to other areas.
  • The authors cautioned that their measurements were indirect, and that psychopathy in general is difficult to define precisely.
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