What are the most exciting things going on in business today?

Question: What are the most exciting things going on in business today?

D. Quinn Mills: The most exciting things are two. One is the continue globalization of the economy and the movement into the global economy of more and more nations and more and more people. Then in enormous expansion, of the real economy in the world, by which I mean that great countries like China and India, large populations, have moved into the global trading economy in the last few years, in a dramatic way and, as a result of that, we have rapid economic growth in improving living standards in areas of the world that many of us never expected to see, and that's the most exciting thing going on. The second most exciting thing are the technological advances, which are just enormous and the extremely important and which are I think in some respects for many of us are the most exciting thing that's going on.

Recorded on: 9/27/07




Globalization has and will continue to be the big story in economics, says Mills.

War of words: Why should we protect civil discourse?

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