Uri Savir’s Ideas For Obama

Question: What should Obama do about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?\r\n\r\nSavir: From day one, he should courage the parties, mainly Israel and the Palestinians, to continue on the Annapolis track, which is really the Oslo track of negotiations, until the basic guidelines of an agreement are clear and drafted and ready possibly to be presented in elections on both sides. The new American president should engage the United States in Israel’s negotiations with Syria, and the new American president should understand what modern peace is all about, which is to help to create peacebuilding projects, a culture of peace, an ecology of peace. \r\n\r\nQuestion: What was Bush’s contribution to peacemaking in the region?\r\n\r\nSavir: Well, he was a great friend of Israel, and we appreciate the assistance of the United States under Bush. He was not audacious enough when it came to peace, and part of the legacy is what was lacking. What was lacking is a modern approach to modern peacemaking, as I outlined in my book, “Peace First,” with participatory peace, with an ecology of peace, with creative diplomacy is peace building, and from 2009, we should be more optimistic, marching the continuous march of Oslo towards an agreement both between us and the Palestinians and a comprehensive agreement in the Middle East.

Uri Savir says Obama should continue with the Annapolis track.

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