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Harvey C. Mansfield, William R. Kenan, Jr., Professor of Government, studies and teaches political philosophy. He has written on Edmund Burke and the nature of political parties, on Machiavelli and[…]

Religion, Harvey Mansfield says, conforms to each person’s sense of importance.

Question: Does religion inform your worldview?

Harvey Mansfield: Religion I am very respectful towards and try to have a … make a serious study of. In this talk I mentioned in Washington, I gave a brief … very brief argument in favor of natural religion. Religion, I think, represents and conforms to each person’s sense of importance … a place of his own … his very own place in the universe of things. Religion, I think, is aware of this, and modern philosophy, modern political science or modern science is not so aware of this. Or perhaps sometimes even altogether oblivious of this.

Recorded on: 6/13/07

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