The New Interactivity

Question: What will be the next big technological innovation to hit us?

Conrad Wolfram: Well I think we’re going to have great new ways to interface with information and that’s on normal desktop and laptop computers, but also mobile devices. And I think we’ll see much more interactivity in the way we interface with things, and we’ll see much more richness in the communication between the computer and humans. And we’ve seen some of that here today.

Question: If you had to invest in digital media, which companies would you choose?

Conrad Wolfram: Oh gosh, I don’t have a specific company. I know some directions I would bet on. I’d bet on interactivity moving forward a great deal. I’d bet on applications replacing or supplementing documents for describing things, for content. So I think we’ll see media outlets produce very active content in the future that readers can kind of interact with. So, those are some of the directions that I think will be exciting.

The information technology expert believes rich communication between computers and humans is the wave of the future.

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