The Future of Bill and Hillary Clinton

Topic: The Future of Bill and Hillary Clinton

Michael Waldman:  Well she’s my Senator, so I’m pretty sure she’s going to be busy doing that.  It’s quite interesting.  I mean she really created a role for herself in the country and in the country’s politics that surpassed anything she had been able to do before.  I mean she ran a very strong race, and a lot of people commented that her personal strength as a candidate surpassed her campaign.  And so I think she’s got a major voice in the country, most likely in the senate going forward, but she has now made herself one of the giants in American politics.  Bill Clinton has a great deal of residual affection for him.  I think that there was a strong feeling that he was a very, very effective president.  I’m sure there are some bruised feelings from the primary fight, but I bet those will heal pretty quickly, would be my guess.

Hilary still has a full plate as Senator, and Bill will always be a hero, Michael Waldman says.

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'Upstreamism': Your zip code affects your health as much as genetics

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