The Catholic Church Will Recover


Question: Will the\r\nCatholic Church recover from the current scandals? 


Ernst Weizsäcker: They certainly will recover. They've been in existence 2,000 years, and\r\nthey have a very strong message. \r\nBut, they don’t deserve to recover soon, unless they really accept the\r\nguilt that some individuals loaded on themselves and the institution has to\r\nlearn that perhaps the conditions under which priests work are conducive to\r\ncertain misbehavior.  So, maybe the\r\nconditions will have to be changed. \r\nThis has been the case in the so-called reformation by Martin Luther and\r\nothers.  At that time, the Catholic\r\nChurch was in a much worse state of affairs, with much more guilt in that sense\r\nthan today.  And it has kind of led\r\nto a purification.  The challenge\r\nfrom the reformation has led the Catholics to learn much from Luther and\r\nothers.  So, now they are almost indistinguishable.

Recorded on April 9, 2010






Consider the Martin Luther era, when things in the Catholic Church were even worse.

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