Saddleback: A Diverse Congregation

Question: Saddleback: A Diverse Congregation


Rick Warren: If you were to come to the 11:15 service at Saddleback Church on a weekend, you would see the United Nations. We probably speak 50 languages in that one service alone. It’s Black, White, Asian, Persian, Iranian, you know South American.

In Orange County California – people don’t understand this – of the three million people who live there, one million speaks Spanish. We have started over 30 Spanish-speaking churches ourselves. Our church has started these daughter churches. But even in our own services we have people from every kind of background. And it’s not a stew; it’s a mosaic. Everybody has their identity. You know people with this kind of background, and this kind of background; and former this, and former that, and former this, and still this and that, and I love it. You know when I look out on Sunday morning or Saturday night, I don’t want to see plain old vanilla. I want Saddleback’s 31 flavors, you know? We’ve got it all.


Recorded on: December 11, 2007


Saddleback is like the United Nations; very diverse.

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